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Seared Tuna. Pickled Jicama Salad.

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Sashimi Tuna. Sushi rice. Red Pear. Ginger. Jicama. Garlic. Ume Plum vinegar. Mirin. Salt. Sugar. Oil.


Salad-Pickle jicama and garlic by covering with salt in a bowl and leave to sit for 10 minutes. Wash to remove excess salt. Cook ume plum vinegar, mirin, salt and sugar to reduce and combine. Pour over jicama and garlic. Cover and refrigerate.

Rice-Cook sushi rice. Shape into rectangles. Heat saute pan until the heat is high enough so to bead water. Add oil of choice. Fry on both sides until crispy.

Sauce-In a vitamix or other blender, combine red pears, fresh ginger, grapeseed oil, ume plum vinegar, mirin and a touch of salt. Reduce sauce for consistency and flavor if so desired.

Tuna- Once again have a saute pan very hot. Add oil. Swirl in tuna so that it does not stick. Very briefly brown on both sides.

Plating- lay fried rice cake on center of plate. Place tuna steak atop. Drizzle on sauce. Add pickled salad to the top. To add crunch I added some fresh cut jicama to the salad.


Taste everything while cooking to adjust seasoning and to ensure proper cooking!

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